Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday July 6th!

Today I was supposed to have my two week follow up/xray appt.  They called early in the morning to say the Doctor was not going to be in and asked to reschedule to Friday.  So now I will have the appointment Friday morning.

Yesterday was pretty much a boring day.  I stayed home all day and played computer games and chatted online.  I also went on a walk down Gunn road.  Not that safe but it is the closest to nature that I could get without going into the biting fly infested bear creek park.

Today I went to the village with Mom and Sarah.  We went to Bravo and I just got a house salad.  It is pretty good, it is a chopped salad with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Bacon, Wonton Strips and a creamy kind of like ranch dressing.  I always get the dressing on the side, because I don't like that much of it.  After that we walked around a little and had Starbucks.  I had a gift card from my dad and so I treated.  We walked around a little.  My neck muscles get tired and sore VERY quickly.  It rotates from side to side which muscles are painful.  By the end of the day they are all painful!  I think it is good for me to get out and walk a bit because it helps condition them.  I need them to get strong quickly!  I can't travel that much because the bumps in the road hurt a lot, also if the car gets smashed I would probably have perminant damage and have to have more surgery.  I have to wait until the bone grows more. 

I am still not aloud to drive :(  It may be for the better anyway.  I can't really turn my head at all. Although  I couldn't really turn it before surgery anyway. 

After the village I came home and did my usual online stuff.  Then I walked around the block.  It was so Sunny, the spots of shade were a blessing.  I may try to do my walk earlier in the morning so it is not as hot.

I am still taking pain medication and or muscle relaxers at night, not during the day except some times in the evening. It really hurts to lay down in bed unless I take them.  It only helps a little, but enough to be able to get a decent nights rest, that is importiant for healing. 

I have been kind of worried today about when I am going back to work.  I know that is atleast a month away so not to worry so much.  I am looking at august 10th or 17th.  I think I told my boss august 3rd.  The extra weeks would really help and I would still get paid from the insurance company. I will see what the doctor says on Friday about my healing progress.

My friend/coworker Michelle is going to come over tomorrow.  I wonder what we will do.  There is not much to do except go on a walk and talk.  Usually I like ice skating with her but of course we won't be doing that!! At least not for a while.

I always see people biking by and wish it was me.  I also see hockey and wish it was me.  I see people running and wish it was me.  I see people doing a lot of things and I wish I could physically do it.  It is depressing but I know I can do a lot more than other people so I shouldn't be complaining.  Like walking.  Lots of people with they could walk, or see, or hear.  I hope by next summer I will be biking again and doing fun things like that. 

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