Saturday, July 16, 2011

Left hand

I noticed I can hold my left hand still now :)

Lower back isn't hurting as much.  I think it was from sitting in the recliner too much.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wed July 13

I haven't posted in a few days......... I still have been having a lot of lower back/hip type pain.  It is really getting to me!!  I don't know what it is.  I can't stay in the same position for a while because of it. 

My neck is not doing bad........ It is sore but nothing like pre surgery.  Then again- I am not working.

I just want the pain to go away and to get my life back.  Now I have all this lower back pain.  It's not nearly as bad as my neck was pre-surgery, but it is constant and painful.  Probably about the 5-6/10 range.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 10

Today all day I have been having a lot of pain in my lower back/upper hips.  I don't know why.  I had this pain pre surgery since about April.  I thought it was because I never really moved my neck and moved other parts of my body in strange way to make up for it.  I am still hoping that it will go away when I heal from this surgery.

Lots of pain in my shoulder blades today too, both sides.  I feel my arms are still very weak especially my left.  I am going to look up exercises to strengthen them.  I don't think I will be going to physical therapy.  We will see after the next apt.

I hate pain!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday July 9

Yesterday I had xrays and saw Dr. Crosissant.  The xray was great, I didn't have to change into one of those gowns and just had one taken from the side view.  The plate and screws looks pretty cool!  The Doctor said it looks good, the plate hasn't moved or anything.  He told me to do more walking and try to move my arms more when doing the walking.   He was not feeling well, everyone was sick!!  Glad to get out of there, hopefully I won't get sick.  After that I went to five guys with mom, I just get a little cheeseburger with lettuce.  It is pretty good.  I don't like their fries very much.  After that we went over to Sarah's Panera and had a coffee.  She made me a caramel latte. 

After I got home I rested on my computer for a little while and then went on a walk.  It was about 2 miles.  I think I kind of over did it because I was pretty sore when I got home.

Today I woke up feeling pretty sore.  Lots of pain in my left shoulder blade!  I thought that wasn't supposed to come back!!!!!  I have been putting a heat pack on it which is helping a little.  I know it is still early in the process but it will be very dissapointing if I have this shoulder pain still!!  I have to keep reminding myself that it is still very early in the process!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday July 8th

Yesterday Michelle came over and we chatted for a while.  She brought me a pie.  I stayed home all day.  I went on a walk around the small circle (about a mile I think).  That's pretty much all from yesterday!!  My days are pretty much event less lately, but I am healing, that's how its supposed to be. 

Today I am going for X-rays and my 2 week follow up drs appt!  Last time I had xrays the xray tech tried to move my neck painfully around. She almost got punched!  My neck does not hurt as much now as it did that day, so hopefully I will be able to move it enough for the xrays. I am excited to see what the xray looks like now, with the plate and screws!  I will post a pic on facebook when I get it, maybe on here if I can figure it out!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday July 6th!

Today I was supposed to have my two week follow up/xray appt.  They called early in the morning to say the Doctor was not going to be in and asked to reschedule to Friday.  So now I will have the appointment Friday morning.

Yesterday was pretty much a boring day.  I stayed home all day and played computer games and chatted online.  I also went on a walk down Gunn road.  Not that safe but it is the closest to nature that I could get without going into the biting fly infested bear creek park.

Today I went to the village with Mom and Sarah.  We went to Bravo and I just got a house salad.  It is pretty good, it is a chopped salad with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Bacon, Wonton Strips and a creamy kind of like ranch dressing.  I always get the dressing on the side, because I don't like that much of it.  After that we walked around a little and had Starbucks.  I had a gift card from my dad and so I treated.  We walked around a little.  My neck muscles get tired and sore VERY quickly.  It rotates from side to side which muscles are painful.  By the end of the day they are all painful!  I think it is good for me to get out and walk a bit because it helps condition them.  I need them to get strong quickly!  I can't travel that much because the bumps in the road hurt a lot, also if the car gets smashed I would probably have perminant damage and have to have more surgery.  I have to wait until the bone grows more. 

I am still not aloud to drive :(  It may be for the better anyway.  I can't really turn my head at all. Although  I couldn't really turn it before surgery anyway. 

After the village I came home and did my usual online stuff.  Then I walked around the block.  It was so Sunny, the spots of shade were a blessing.  I may try to do my walk earlier in the morning so it is not as hot.

I am still taking pain medication and or muscle relaxers at night, not during the day except some times in the evening. It really hurts to lay down in bed unless I take them.  It only helps a little, but enough to be able to get a decent nights rest, that is importiant for healing. 

I have been kind of worried today about when I am going back to work.  I know that is atleast a month away so not to worry so much.  I am looking at august 10th or 17th.  I think I told my boss august 3rd.  The extra weeks would really help and I would still get paid from the insurance company. I will see what the doctor says on Friday about my healing progress.

My friend/coworker Michelle is going to come over tomorrow.  I wonder what we will do.  There is not much to do except go on a walk and talk.  Usually I like ice skating with her but of course we won't be doing that!! At least not for a while.

I always see people biking by and wish it was me.  I also see hockey and wish it was me.  I see people running and wish it was me.  I see people doing a lot of things and I wish I could physically do it.  It is depressing but I know I can do a lot more than other people so I shouldn't be complaining.  Like walking.  Lots of people with they could walk, or see, or hear.  I hope by next summer I will be biking again and doing fun things like that. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th

Yesterday ended up being a pretty boring day.

I spent a lot of time on the computer, ate a sub, ate some candy, drank a powerade zero.

Went on a little walk to bear creek park, but as soon as we got there we turned around because of the flies!

My neck hurts a lot at night when I go to bed.  It hurts in the day if I move it around a lot.  Also if I do a lot with my arms.

Today I am actually going to leave the house.... Going to my cousin's house for a 4th of July bbq.

Update: 6:39pm
So I just got back from the bbq at my cousin's house.  It was kind of a long way with quite a bit of bumps in the road which didn't help.  It was good to see everyone, and the dinner was really really good.

I started getting really sore around 4pm (which is usual), but it just kept building and building.  We left about 6, and my grandpa hugged me but he hugged me around my neck and squeezed me extremely tight and it hurt so bad i screamed a little.  I was seriously seeing stars.  He stopped and felt really bad when I freaked out.  I know he haw a hard time with remembering things, and it was all so quick.

I am in a lot of pain right now and just trying to relax.  Between the hug and the car rides I am beat.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 10!! WOW

I can't believe it is already day 10!

Yesterday ended up being a really good birthday!

I have to remind myself not do to anything crazy or stupid!  My neck is still in the very beginning of the healing process.  The bones probably have not even started to fuse!

Today I am going to try to go on a longer walk.  Yesterday I walked around the block.  Today I am going to try to walk to bear creek park.  I have to remind myself to be patient.  I normally don't like walking but I have to remind myself I am not in a rush.  However long it takes, that's how long it takes.

I tried to go to sleep last night without taking any pain medication.  I tried for about an hour and a half but with every laying position the pain got too bad.  I have to remember I am still early in the process! 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

9 Days Post Surgery!

Today is my birthday!

I am not supposed to travel in a car (can't drive at all) because if we were to be rear ended it could really effect my neck!!  Today is my birthday so we decided to make a trip to my favorite restaurant, Red Lobster!  I made sure we took the van (the seats are much better than the Jeep) and my mom drove like an old lady (I wanted her to).  Some of the bumps in the road were tough, but I wore my neck brace and it was ok!

Usually on my birthday trip to RL I get crab legs, but I wasn't sure how cracking them would work out.  It is very hard to hold my arms up and do stuff like that.  So I ordered fish and chips.  It was pretty good, but I only ate about half of it because I ate a bunch of my sister's shrimp pasta and................ 2 strawberry daquiris!!!  It was ok because I didn't have any pain medication since about 2am.   I only seem to need it in the afternoon/evening and night!! :)  I am in less pain now than what I was before surgery.  Of course I am not working, which I am sure adds to that, but I don't get "that" feeling in my neck.  I still get shoulder/upper back pains, which can be really painful, but so far not as bad as before surgery.  Funny because a lot of my pain is right sided now.... My pain before surgery was mostly left sided. 

After RL we stopped at Walgreens on the way home.  I had a prescription ready for pickup and wanted a white chocolate kit kat bar which they didn't have!!  I know they have them at target!

I have been really wanting to play Oregon Trail II.   Not just Oregon trail but it had to be Oregon Trail II.  A while back i tried to play it but it wouldn't work on my computer.  I couldn't find the disc so I ordered a used copy on amazon.  It came in 2 days!!!!!!!!  What a great seller.  For some reason it works on my computer!! I have been playing it!!

I am really glad my pain levels have been staying low, at least during the day.  I know I need to get out and walk more to keep up my strength but it is SO HOT!!  Excuses I know!  I am no where near ready to start working, but I know I am on the right path...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Day 8

Hello Friends!

Today I actually feel great! (So far hehe).  My pain is literally a 1/10.  It has not been this way for a LONG time.  I am not going to do anything crazy, because I know what will happen.  I know it is still very early in the recovery.

I have been trying to find my ipod since before my surgery. I finally found it this morning!!  In the cushion of the couch I never sit on!

Later on today we are going to have a fondue party/bonfire/fireworks at my house :)  It is just a family only type of thing.  I am excited.

The fondue party was really yummy and fun, but all that reaching left me very sore!  I took some meds and now I am watching movies on facebook.  I removed the rest of my steri-strips!  They were getting loose, kinda smelly and driving me crazy! 

Tomorrow is my birthday!!  :)

I am not sure how to post pictures on here.....