Saturday, July 2, 2011

9 Days Post Surgery!

Today is my birthday!

I am not supposed to travel in a car (can't drive at all) because if we were to be rear ended it could really effect my neck!!  Today is my birthday so we decided to make a trip to my favorite restaurant, Red Lobster!  I made sure we took the van (the seats are much better than the Jeep) and my mom drove like an old lady (I wanted her to).  Some of the bumps in the road were tough, but I wore my neck brace and it was ok!

Usually on my birthday trip to RL I get crab legs, but I wasn't sure how cracking them would work out.  It is very hard to hold my arms up and do stuff like that.  So I ordered fish and chips.  It was pretty good, but I only ate about half of it because I ate a bunch of my sister's shrimp pasta and................ 2 strawberry daquiris!!!  It was ok because I didn't have any pain medication since about 2am.   I only seem to need it in the afternoon/evening and night!! :)  I am in less pain now than what I was before surgery.  Of course I am not working, which I am sure adds to that, but I don't get "that" feeling in my neck.  I still get shoulder/upper back pains, which can be really painful, but so far not as bad as before surgery.  Funny because a lot of my pain is right sided now.... My pain before surgery was mostly left sided. 

After RL we stopped at Walgreens on the way home.  I had a prescription ready for pickup and wanted a white chocolate kit kat bar which they didn't have!!  I know they have them at target!

I have been really wanting to play Oregon Trail II.   Not just Oregon trail but it had to be Oregon Trail II.  A while back i tried to play it but it wouldn't work on my computer.  I couldn't find the disc so I ordered a used copy on amazon.  It came in 2 days!!!!!!!!  What a great seller.  For some reason it works on my computer!! I have been playing it!!

I am really glad my pain levels have been staying low, at least during the day.  I know I need to get out and walk more to keep up my strength but it is SO HOT!!  Excuses I know!  I am no where near ready to start working, but I know I am on the right path...

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