Thursday, June 30, 2011

One week!

Today marks one whole week from my surgery!  It seems time has gone by fast.

Last week at this time (2:38pm) I think I was in the recovery room!

My pain has not been extremely bad lately except for around 4pm.  Every day, around 4pm my pain spikes and stays that way until I take medication which helps a little.  I don't know what it has to do with 4pm!

I have been very careful.  Sitting around a lot, walking a little.  I know I need to walk more.  I am going to do a little more walking when the temperature goes down a little, or at least the sun.

Today so far I took Dixie outside, she went to "ssr".  She is so cute!

I also ordered a delivery sub from Hungry Howies!  Ha ha ha.  It was pretty good.  So good but so bad. 

I talked to my friends on the spine-health website today.  There are a lot of nice people on there, unfortunatly all with neck/back issues as well.

Unfortunately I have been having some strange dreams lately.  Last night I had 2 that I remember.  The first one was that I stepped on my grandpa's toe and broke it!  :(  The second one my sister was so excited she came into my room while I was sleeping, woke me up, grabbed me by the front of my pajamas and pulled me up and down (like in a whiplash position!) I freaked out and was crying and angry because I can't move my neck that much.  Hmmm

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