Sunday, June 26, 2011

ACDF 4-5 continued


So every time I continue to write this blog, I become nauseous so I can only write a little at a time.  Anyway.. Back to my story....

At about 6pm it was time for me to get up for the first time.  I was NOT looking forward to that.  I had to go to the bathroom anyway so it had to be done.  By this time my mom was there and she accompanied me to the bathroom.  Basically....  getting there was awful.  They said I was walking like a penguin!  When I got to the toilet I couldn't go, I sat there for 45 min with a full bladder and with a great effort finally went a little.  I also felt like I was going to pass out.  Finally I got back to my bed and rested for a bit. Around 8-830ish my new roomate Vickie came in.  She had lumbar fusion surgery. Her schedule was late... It didn't even start until about 3pm.  Let me just say... She was STARVING!!  She ate all the graham crackers and finally the nurse went and got her a sandwich!!  The night was rough.  I was pretty much up all night.  Between my trips every 45 min to the bathroom, and Vickie's trips as well, no one was sleeping at all.  The night was like some crazy drug induced sleepover where you stay up all night!  There was also always something going on out in the hallway.  Different emergencies! My IV blew up and it took 2.5 hours before I was able to get a new one.  This was good because I was able to make my bathroom trips a lot easier, but bad because I wasn't getting my fluids, antibiotic or pain medication.  The nurse, Melissa, was pretty new.  She was nervous about giving me the iv, especially because my veins are hard to find.  She ended up doing it in my wrist, which I was nervous about, but it worked out fine and actually hurt less than the other iv!  She was really nice.  All the nurses were pretty nice.  Throughout the night they were giving me a rotation between iv morphine and oral Percocet 5/325.  I did not get sick at all from the meds.  I was very sensitive to lights and sound the whole time, and still am.  In the morning I ordered breakfast.  I ordered buttermilk pancakes, a banana, yogurt, and English muffin with cream cheese and jelly.  When I got the food, they literally gave me one silver dollar pancake that was dried up!!  I didn't even end up eating that.  I ate the English muffin, half the banana and yogurt.  Soon after breakfast Dr. Croissant and Zac the nurse came by.  When they walked in the room they all stood at the end of my bed with a puzzled look on their face.  It was an awkward staring contest for about 2 seconds.  It felt like a whole minute.  Then finally Dr. Croissant said, "Do you know your neck brace is on backwards".  I told him I know, it supports my neck in the back better! They all thought that was very strange but then the Dr said everything looked good and I was going to be released around noon.  He also told me that I am the youngest person he has ever done a cervical disc fusion on.  (Lucky me)  Not to mention he has been in practice for over 40 years.  He said my disc was extremely ruptured with lots of fragments on the spinal cord and nerve roots.  He seems like a very nice but quiet person.  I called mom and she came to get me.  We waited a little bit for paperwork to be filled out and then I left.  I was not looking forward to the ride home.  I get carsick very easily and was afraid of the bumps in the road.  Zac wheeled me down to the lobby in a gigantic wheelchair, and I got in the car.  We stopped at Walgreens to get my prescription filled.  We finally got home and of course I wasn't feeling great.  Mom gave me a bath and I almost passed out when she was drying my hair. Everything started looking extremely fuzzy and like it was raining and my hands and arms became extremely tingly!  Then grandma brought over some stew and I ate it while lying back in the recliner with an ice bag covering my head and eyes.  The bright sunlight in the kitchen really really bothered me.  I felt bad but I was getting one of the worst headaches ever.  Soon after grandma and grandpa left I went to bed. I was worried how I was going to be able to sleep.  The recliner was comfortable, but getting OUT was nearly impossible. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to sleep flat in the bed either.  I didn't think I was going to be able to sleep but with the help of piled up pillows, a neck collar, Dueche, the lou boys and Percocet I could!  I was so relieved.  The next morning I woke up feeling ok, had an egg for breakfast and then went outside and walked up and down the driveway a couple times.  This really tired me out and gave me a huge headache.  I went inside and laid down for a while after that.

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