Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 5 After Surgery

Even though I am just chillaxing at home, time seems to be flying.  Today is Tuesday, June 28th which is day 5 after surgery.  The last few days have not been that bad.  Yes I am in pain........ but I can still eat and drink and walk around so I am doing fine.  I would have updated this blog more often, but every time I tried to I would start feeling very dizzy!  My sensitivity to light and sound is much less now thank goodness!!

My pain is concentrated in my upper back, mostly the part of my spine where the neck connects to the back.  It also hurts around the shoulder blades and will get very stiff at times.  The front of my throat where the incision is really does not hurt.  It does not feel like anything.  It itches sometimes and is a bit numb.  The right side of my chin (my right) is very numb!  A random nerve will miss fire every once in a while.  I will think there is something on there but there is not.  That is not painful, just weird.  The back of my head where my neck connects is also very painful especially where the muscles connect on both sides.  The pain is less after I start moving around, then more after I moved around (If that makes sense haha), and then in the evening my muscles get super tight, and then at night It is very painful and hard to sleep.  I wake up pretty often.  I have a sore spot in my throat.  It seems to be on the right side.  I didn't have much pain in my throat until about the third day.  I am very thankful because I know they put all those tubes down my throat. Most people have a lot of difficulty swallowing after surgery.  I am thankful I had little to none.

Last night I woke up at about 4am.  My neck brace was off, my covers and pillows were off the bed and I was laying there in a twisted up position.  NOT GOOD!!!  Lets hope and pray that does not happen again.  I was afraid of something like that happening, because I am known for doing that.  I often have "night terrors" where I talk in my sleep and move around. 

My lower back is still hurting a lot.  I am going to have to try to get that checked out again as soon as possible.  I don't think it is a disc issue because it is not the same type of pain.  Who knows!  Always something.  :( 

Today I think Laura is coming over.  She is leaving for France tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!  Lucky her!

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