Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jan 24, 2012

It has been about 3 months since I last updated this blog. 

In that time period I did 2 months of back PT and then 2 months of neck PT.  The neck PT really helped my range of motion but did not really help the mid back pain or the muscle spasm in the throat feeling.  Dr. Jennings prescribed zanaflex 4mg, and that helps quite a bit with the muscle spasm in the throat.  Thank goodness something is helping with that, it is horrible to feel like someone is choking you 24/7.

Sunday night I came down with the flu or norovirus or something.  (It's Tuesday).  After all the throwing up and everything I am sore, but my neck is not out.  That tells me that the surgery was helpful because there is no way my neck would not go out from that!

As for now I am not doing any PT except my home exercises.  I use my tens unit all the time and that helps with the pain quite a bit.  I am still seeing dr jennings and the next time I see her is feb 15.  I really like her, she is a very nice doctor and actually listens instead of trying to get you out of the door as soon as you walk in.  Usually I have to wait almost an hour once I get there, but it is worth it.

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  1. I had my surgery just a little over two weeks ago at C6-C7 due to a huge herniated disc flattening my spinal cord. Now all the sudden I am having a lot of left shoulder blade pain is that normal after having the surgery? Of course the pain i was experiencing prior to the surgery was down my left shoulder and arm etc, but this is wow really hurting me and down the middle of my shoulder blades too, so I am hoping it is just due to the healing process. My scar is lower down then yours is. I hope that you are contuing to do better though. Merry christmas and thank you for sharing your story.