Monday, October 17, 2011

Oct 17 2011

I am almost 4 months post op.  I have been going to physical therapy for about a month, it seems to be helping my back but making my neck worse.

I have been getting this horrible, "muscle spasm" IN my throat type feeling.  It is horrible and is worse at night, especially if I had to talk a lot during the day or during work.  

I had a follow up with Dr. Jennings.  She is not sure what is causing that muscle spasm.  I am also having muscle spasms in my left shoulder blade again.  She is also concerned about my range of motion in the neck.  She wants me to do neck PT after I finish the back PT!!  She also prescribed Skelaxin.  It is a muscle relaxer.  It is supposed to have less side effects than most muscle relaxers.  I am still not convinced its helping.  It gives me a headache and sort of makes me tired.

I also got a TENS unit.  I do like it, it seems to help.  It atleast takes my mind off the pain.

I really like PT.  Everyone is really nice and fun.  I seem to be getting stronger. 

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